Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st, 2010

Hello fellow farmers and gardeners!

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful lesson on grafting fruit trees! It was so cool to receive rounded multi-method instruction on this awesome agricultural tool and then be able to give back by grafting apple and pear trees for the Indian Valley Farm! A perfect way to experience and share the literal and metaphorical fruit of our growing education. In time, a recap of this lesson will be posted to the blog for quick and easy referral!

This week's assignment is to read the ATTRA article called "Agriculture, Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration," think about it, and write about it in a one-page response. Also, read Pam Pierce's chapter on composting, cover crops, green manure, and soil fertility!

After hearing of the huge earthquake in Santiago, Chile on Sunday morning and the subsequent tsunami warnings, a friend sent this article my way. (Notice how the article is from September 2009 and the research to back up the article was done partially on the Easter microplate, very close to where the epicenter of the 8.5 richter rumbling took place!) Most relevantly, at the end you'll find a perspective on artificial carbon sequestration and the possible environmental outcomes of this.
For me, this makes the argument for a collective agricultural effort towards climate change mitigation even stronger. Natural forms of carbon sequestration work with the earth's forces and ecological wounds instead of against them by attempting to avoid them or cover them up. We have to foster the natural healing processes that the earth is already so good at and the resources are all right in front of us. What do you guys think?

Speaking of you, anyone in the class who is interested in posting on this blog will have a chance to write her or his email address on a sheet passed around in class on Wednesday. Then we'll get blogland invites out to you guys asap!

More posting to come! Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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