Sunday, April 11, 2010

As sacred as silence

Outside hearing the heavy cascade of rain, we shall unequivocally send our gratitude to the universe for the abundance of water we’ve received this winter. Wednesday was a very educational day on the farm. Patty from Harmony Farms joined us to talk about irrigation. She is extremely knowledgeable, and has thankfully worked with Henry to implement a structure, which help to mitigate our water usage, while making sure we irrigate our crops, shrubs and trees properly. Our farm is in it’s infantile stage, making it even more important that we pay close attention to the treatment of every plant. Patty and the rest of the team up at Harmony Farms in, have an extensive knowledge and supply of just about everything us busy farmers need. When it comes to some of the challenges we face such as irrigation, it’s really comforting to know we have them as a resource, thank you!

On more of a macro level, water is finite, irreplaceable life force . I was reading an article in Common Ground saying that according to Greenpeace around 100 million tons of plastic are produced each year, 10% of which, end up in the ocean. And according to the United Nations Environmental Program ,90% of the developing world’s wastewaters are still being dumped into the ocean. What does this mean for aquatic life and for ourselves, destruction!!! We are polluting our waters at a very steady pace while only 1% of the total water on earth, is drinkable!

Over the years, it’s been determined that the aquifers of California’s Central Valley and Sierra Nevada have lost enough water to fill Lake Mead! Attempts to privatize the water will make it even more difficult for people to access it. Citizens must take action to preserve and reuse water. You can increase the accumulation of water in your garden by irrigating efficiently; build rain gardens, swales and ponds, rainwater catchment systems and other really cool stuff like Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG’s). To learn more go to Of course all of these remedies require a lot of resources so as Maggie suggested in class, less developed countries can use Clay pot or pitcher irrigation.

As we've learned about in class, Katherine Cook and Brock Doleman are other influential crusaders for the protection of water. Check out Slow It, Spread It, Sink It…The Alchemy of Watershed Restoration

Upcoming Events:

April 16th & May 1st -9am-5 Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Plant Sale

April 17th- Plant sale at Wendy’s house (I’m not sure what Wendy’s address is?? If anyone knows can you post it please? She is in Muir Beach!)

April 22- Earth Day!

April 24th

  • Earth Day celebration at COM

  • Slide Ranch’s Spring Fling, celebrating earth day on the farm, volunteers needed!

April 28th- Field Trip to County Line

May 8th- Annual Edible Schoolyard Plant Sale 9-2pm

May 15th- Freestone Fermentation Festival

June 13th- Come to Green Gulch for mediation, a tour, lunch and a class on flower production with Wendy!

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