Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello! This is Caitlin, one of your faithful bloggers from the IVC Organic Farm class. To help kick off the union of the biosphere-blogosphere experience, I want to share some of these photos with you! Here are a couple that I snapped on our February 3rd class.

Trasplanting peas!
A view from both ends of the row.

Here are some pictures from our class yesterday, February 10th

Wendy teaches us about clay ribbons... meanwhile, our lovely seedballs look on, awaiting the February 14th celebration in anticipation.

Preparing for a future bee box! Leveling out the playing field.

Craning necks for a glimpse of soil sifting and six-pack stuffing.
Tender lovin' six-pack-stuffin' technique: planting peas by tickling metaphorical ivories!

If anyone has pictures or comments to share, please feel free! We'd love for everyone to be able to post their thoughts. If photo uploading is not possible via the comment box, don't hesitate to email me at I can post them for you.
Much love and and health to you all this weekend! See you all next Wednesday.

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