Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week One, January 27th

Hey Classmates,

I’d like to thank Wendy, Steve and Henry for a very insightful class on Wednesday 1/27. What an amazing start to the semester. If anyone is interested in learning more on Eco Farm Conference held in Santa Cruz, Jan 20-23, Wendy brought back lots of material to look at in the internet cafe. Percy Schmeiser’s drawn out victory against Monsanto was celebrated at the conference. Although losing almost everything, he did not give up and ultimately won! When traces of roundup were found on Schmeiser’s farm, Monsanto accused him of violating patent laws, To learn more go to: http://truefoodnow.org/2009/11/18/a-message-from-michael-pollan// After donating money to Haiti, send some support to Schmeiser or to The Center for Food Safety.

Don’t forget, we will be having grafting workshop on February 24th with Steve.

I read an article the other day I thought you’d all appreciate. I actually found it on Oprah’s website while searching for her segment with Michael Pollan. Read A Delicious Revolution, http://www.oprah.com/omagazine/The-Sustainable-Food-Movement-A-Delicious-Revolution.

With buzz circulating films like Food INC, to hoop houses in DC, I think it’s pretty clear how profound our movement is becoming. Yet, as global corporations continue to fight for the removal of our freedoms, and control of our food supply and water, we must maintain our persistence, The Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden is exemplary of how successful a small local farm can be.

For this week, our assignment was to write a paragraph describing yourself and your connection to farming. For next week, read the Down to Earth chapter in Golden Gate Gardening. We should have access to copies for $30 through Point Reyes Books and Wendy has copies of Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate for $25 with all the proceeds going to the Zen Center. Bring a soil sample to class Wednesday;) Arbor Day this Sunday 2/7, at the Green Gulch Zen Center from 2-5. Come for an afternoon of tree planting, sharing and reflection with tea and cookies at the end. Have a beautiful week everyone!



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